Dry Downdraft Table

Do You Need Dry Downdraft Tables?

Dry downdraft tables are an all-in-one solution for removing fine dust, fumes, and smoke directly from the workstation. Utilizing dry downdraft tables in facilities where welding, deburring, grinding, and similar applications take place guarantees that contaminated air is captured at the source. Downdraft tables utilize a capture-at-source method to ensure the airstream remains clean, minimize air movement, and reduce energy usage. FumeXtractors dry downdraft tables work by pulling contaminated air down under the work surface and passing it through a fire retardant cartridge filter — at 2x the feet per minute when compared to competitors!

Dry downdraft tables are the safest collection method and affordable (costing not much more than a portable fume extractor), making it easy to purchase and add more systems as the business grows. Because dry downdraft tables are highly versatile, they're an excellent choice for stick welding, MIG and TIG welding, deburring, grinding, sanding, cutting, and more.

Long-term exposure to fine dust, smoke, and fumes can result in severe health issues, which is why it's so important to install fume extraction equipment such as dry downdraft tables to keep machine operators as safe as possible. To maximize effectiveness, the downdraft table or fume extraction system you choose must be designed to handle your specific application challenges. FumeXtractors dry downdraft tables are powerful enough to handle the toughest machining applications and comply with all regulatory guidelines.

Benefits of FumeXtractors Dry Downdraft Tables:
✓ Best capture velocity — extracts 2x the feet per minute
✓ Safest collection method
✓ Fire Retardant Cartrdige Filter
✓ Compliant with OSHA regulations

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Wet Downdraft Table

Do You Need Wet Downdraft Tables?

Wet downdraft tables are specifically designed to handle combustible dust and are required by the NFPA for any facility that handles combustible dust. The NFPA 484 Standard for Combustible Metals prohibits collecting aluminum, magnesium, and other combustible metal dust with dry downdraft tables - requiring that companies handling combustible dust implement wet downdraft tables to remain compliant.

You can determine if your facility falls under a combustible dust hazard if applications include: grinding and deburring, cutting, blasting, polishing, and/or sieving combustible metals, and if an ignition source is present. Ignition sources may include stoves, kilns, welding arcs, electrical enclosures, and grinding sparks. If applications or machining processes utilize metals that can create explosive dust, such as aluminum, magnesium, or titanium — wet downdraft tables are also the right option for you.

To effectively control combustible dust, it has to be captured directly at the source. FumeXtractors wet downdraft tables provide a versatile and ventilated work surface that achieves high particle containment, right at the source of processing. Our wet downdraft tables collect and capture combustible dust using water to bond and neutralize them.

Benefits of FumeXtractors Wet Downdraft Tables:
✓ Air velocity at table surface remains constant over time (no filter-load degradation)
✓ Lower consumable costs, no replacement filter cartridges
✓ Combustible dust is submerged in water to prevent dust from igniting or catching fire
✓ Compliant with all NFPA 652, 654, and 484 standards

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Ducted Grinding Table

Do You Need Ducted Grinding Tables?

Immediate filtration is required in grinding applications to prevent dust and other airborne contaminants from entering the air stream. Any building where equipment like angle grinders, auto grinding machines, or die grinders are used, must implement a dust collection solution to avert health and safety risks.

Because the dust that is generated by grinding can spread through a building so quickly, the most effective solution is to extract it directly from the workstation. FumeXtractors ducted grinding tables act as workstations that draw hazardous contaminants down, away from the extraction point before contaminants have the opportunity to enter breathing zones.

FumeXtractors grinding tables are a compact and highly effective solution specifically designed to capture particulate from metal grinding. Our ducted grinding tables can be used with an existing dust collection system or ducted to exhaust outside of the facility.

Benefits of FumeXtractors Ducted Grinding Tables:
✓ Downdraft airflow
✓ Steel grating
✓ Solid steel construction
✓ Dust cleanout drawer

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