Fume Extractor Arms

Our Welding Fume Extraction Arms are built to provide effective source capture in a variety of configurations:

  • Hanging Fume Arm

    Hanging Arms

    Hanging Fume Extraction Arms are our most popular style! They easily mount to ceilings, walls, or posts and provide 2x the suction distance when compared to competitors.

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  • Telescoping Fume Arm

    Telescoping Arms

    Telescoping Fume Arms are the most popular companion to our Welding Booths. FumeXtractors Telescopic Fume Arms are ideal for tight space operation because they're compact but extend for extra reach when required.

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  • Standing Fume Arm

    Standing Arms

    Standing Fume Extraction Arms mount to a table-top or work-bench. They provide the best extraction for table-top projects, where a wall, ceiling, or post mount is not possible.

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