A render of a standard black laser cutter and engraver machine attached to a tan colored, portable fume extractor unit.

Laser Fume Extractors Made For You

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Why Buy a Laser Fume Extractor

Eliminate Health Risks

Keep Your Employees Happy

Protect Your Investment

Maintain Product Quality

Air and contaminants enter the fume extractor, and clean air is returned to the work environment

A render showing the process of contaminated air entering a fume extractor, the particulate being captured in a filter, and clean air being returned.
Laser cutting sparks being transmitted from a silver laser cutter and engraving tool in motion.

During laser cutting and engraving processes, the laser beam develops high-heat causing the material to vaporize into hazardous air contaminants. These contaminants can pose serious health risks with long term exposure and leave the air in your workspace smelling unpleasant or feeling thick. Most laser engraving and cutting is done in a closed environment, trapping harmful particulate in the work area unless actively vented out or filtered. By installing a fume extraction system, you can eliminate these risks and increase morale for your employees.