Robotic Welding Stations

Robotic Welding Stations


  • Powerful Motor
  • 3-Stage Filtration
  • HEPA Afterfilters (Optional)
  • Hood (Optional)
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Robotic Welding Stations are highly effective at eliminating smoke and fumes from robotic welding processes. The FX-RWS is specifically designed to capture high volumes of particulate and feature 3-stage filtration, a powerful blower, and filter pulse cleaning.

FumeXtractors Robotic Welding Stations offer versatility with zero footprint and can be used with a hood or directly ducted to a welding cell.


Technical Data

FX-RWS-5HP - Robotic Welding Stations


Airflow: 2340 CFM
Motor: 5 H.P.
Input Power: 230V / 3PH / 60Hz
Dimensions: 112" x 56" x 45"
Compressed Air Requirement: 90 PSI
Compressed Air Reservoir: 3.2 gal.
Inlet Size: 15.7" x 14"
FX-RWS-10HP - Robotic Welding Stations


Airflow: 3000 CFM
Motor: 10 H.P.
Input Power: 230V / 3PH / 60Hz
Dimensions: 112" x 71" x 45"
Compressed Air Requirement: 90 PSI
Compressed Air Reservoir: 8 gal.
Inlet Size: 17.7" x 21.7"


With manufacturing processes becoming increasingly popular, robotic welders have become increasingly popular in production environments that allow for it. Because they are operational for longer periods of time and with fewer breaks, robotic welders produce siginificantly more weld fumes than manual welders. For those who do work around robotic welders, the health risks are substatantial if nothing is done to properly filter and ventilate the air. Additionally, constant unfiltered air can have a detrimental effect on product quality and even decrease the lifetime of expensive equipment.


It is our goal to ensure that customers are 100% satisfied with their purchases, that’s why our products are designed to deliver high-quality standards and long-lasting performance.

As the original purchaser, we guarantee that your FumeXtractors extraction system will remain free from defects in material within two years of its original purchase. If such defects appear under normal usage, we will repair or replace your product at no cost to you.

Please refer to the Owners Manual for more information about our Two Year Limited Warranty.

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