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FumeXtractors provides machine operators with the ultimate in flexibility and reliability. The details that go into each of our fume extraction systems have been hand-selected by industry experts to guarantee maximum effectiveness and efficiency. We're backed by over 40+ years of experience in the air filtration industry and our team is dedicated to creating safe, clean air work environments.

The risk of weld fume and smoke is not limited. Over exposure to welding fumes can present serious health and safety risks – if not properly controlled. FumeXtractors systems offer easily adjustable and convenient ways to remove harmful weld fume, smoke, and other air contaminants to keep the air stream clean and breathable.

FumeXtractors solutions range everywhere from fume arms to downdraft tables to welding booths and portables. Our products are designed to deliver high-quality standards and long-lasting performance to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Your safety is important to us! Get started on your free quote today.

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