A 3D printer in the process of printing a yellow product.

Printing Fume & Smoke Extractors

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Why Buy a Printing Fume Extractor

Increase Visibility While Welding

Eliminate Health & Safety Risk

Improve Employee Morale

Comply With OSHA/NIOSH Regulations

A 3D printer in the process of printing a white plastic product.

3D Printing Fume Extraction

3D printing eliminates injection molding and casting by producing custom products without the high manufacturing costs and futile waste. Because 3D printing is so efficient it is increasingly popular. While the 3D printing industry continues to grow, do so the health and safety concerns associated with it.

During the 3D printing process, heated materials cause particles, droplets, and gases to release. The high temperatures generated in 3D printing processes can rapidly transmit gases and particulate into the air stream.

Adhesives, printer ink, lacquers, and cleaning solvents generate mists that are dangerous when inhaled. Any painting, grinding, or gluing completed post-printing is also known to introduce dangerous contaminants to the work environment.

Fume extraction systems remove the threat of 3D printing by extracting gases at the source. FumeXtractors offers a range of solutions to accommodate workspaces where 3D printing takes place. Our selection of fume extraction systems meet required regulatory guidelines, are easy to use and service, and are powerful enough to ensure a safe, clean air environment.

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