Smoke and sparks are being transmitted during a welding application. A welder in a protective mask is holding the workpiece with one hand and welding with the other.

Welding Fume Extractors

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Why Buy a Weld Fume Extractor

Increase Visibility While Welding

Eliminate Health & Safety Risk

Improve Employee Morale

Comply With OSHA/NIOSH Regulations

Weld fumes and sparks are being sucked down into a downdraft table. A machine operator in protective wear is performing a welding application on top of the downdraft table.

Welding Fume Extraction

Welding and metal fabrication processes generate fumes and gases that can be harmful to the comfort and health of machine operators. The fumes released during welding and machining processes present various safety risks if not properly extracted.

Employers are responsible for workplace conditions, safety measures, maintenance, and continued training to ensure machine operators are thoroughly educated on the dangers of welding fumes, proper use of equipment and extraction systems, and the importance of PPE. Employers and machine operators must abide by appropriate OSHA and NIOSH regulations and follow manufacturer safety and operation manuals.

Welding fume extraction systems extract hazardous fumes, gases, smoke, and other airborne contaminants before they enter breathing zones. When selecting a welding fume removal system, it's critical to evaluate the work practices, hazards, and consumables of the applications in your facility - doing so will ensure that exposures remain below an acceptable limit.

While there are costs associated with outfitting a workshop or facility with fume extraction systems, the long-term benefits of improved worker health, reduced sick days, and increased productivity can offset these expenses.

Welding extraction systems must be properly used and positioned based on the specific machining process and/or application taking place. For additional information or to get started on your free quote, contact us!

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