Golden sparks are being emitted from a laser and plasma cutting tool in motion.

Fume Extractors for Laser & Plasma Cutting

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A burst of sparks being discharged from a laser and plasma cutting tool in process.

Laser & Plasma Cutting Safety

Laser and plasma cutting are utilized to split and cut metals and metal materials in welding and metal fabrication applications. Laser and plasma cutting processes generate fumes, gases, and smoke that can contain a variety of harmful oxides. The fumes and smoke released during laser and plasma cutting contain metals and compounds that are dangerous when inhaled by machine operators.

Inhaling these fumes over extended periods can lead to potential long-term respiratory issues, occupational asthma, metal fume fever, and even risks like cancer for prolonged exposure to certain fumes. Threshold Limit Values (TLVs) serve as guidelines and recommendations for acceptable exposure levels to hazardous substances. It's crucial for industries utilizing laser and plasma cutting to be aware of the TLVs for substances in their operations and ensure that exposure remains below these levels.

The particle size in laser and plasma fume impacts the overall toxicity level. Fumes and smoke made up of smaller particles create higher, and more severe, exposure risks when fume extraction systems are not implemented.

While laser cutting and plasma cutting vary in application, they both require fume extraction systems to capture and filter contaminants at or near the source.

Laser Cutting Fumes

The laser cutting process works through a digital computer program that allows machine operators to precisely measure and receive exact dimensions for their projects. During the laser cutting process, when the beam interacts with metals, high temperatures cause the encircling air to expand and rapidly release harmful emissions such as smoke, aerosols, or chemical vapors.

Worksites and facilities that utilize laser cutting must implement proper fume extraction systems to ensure machine operators are protected at all times.

Plasma Cutting Fumes

Plasma cutting utilizes high-temperatures to split metals like aluminum, stainless steel, and copper. During the plasma cutting process, the fumes, smoke, and gases that are transmitted may include nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, and mixtures with oxygen.

When metals coated with materials like hexavalent chromium (to avoid corrosion) are being torched, welded, or cut, they release particulate that can result in eye, skin, and respiratory system issues. These contaminants must be extracted at-the-source to protect workers from severe health and safety risks.

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