Dry Filter Downdraft Table

Dry Downdraft Table


  • Industrial casters for mobility
  • Built in Spark Arrestor
  • Auto, offline pulsing
  • Fire retardant cartridge filter
  • Safest collection method

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FX-DDT Downdraft Tables are the safest option for source capture. In addition to being hands-free, Downdraft Tables pull dust and contaminants directly into the table through the perforated top, and away from welder's breathing zones.

Our Downdraft Tables are self-contained systems that adhere to OSHA and NIOSH standards.


Custom Sizing Available


  • Industrial Casters For Mobility
  • Auto, Offline Pulsing
  • Fire Retardant Cartridge Filter
  • Safest Collection Method
  • Minihelic Filter Change Gauge
  • Plug and Play Design
  • Grounding Lug


Technical Data

Dry Filter Downdraft Table
Airflow: 2600 CFM
Face Velocity: 350 FPM
Motor: 3.0 H.P.
F.L.A.: 9.6 Amps
Noise Level: 70dB @ 5 ft.
Packaging Size: 55.1" x 33.1" x 85"
Net Weight: 661 lbs.
Gross Weight: 882 lbs.

Benefits of Downdraft Tables

Installing high quality downdraft tables as part of your production process will provide workers with a safe environment to accomplish their work, while ensuring a high level of quality and performance to which you’ve grown accustomed. Downdraft tables have the ability to capture fine dust particles, smoke and fumes at the source, so you don’t have to be concerned about workplace contamination or health conditions affecting your employees.

Health Risks of Fine Dust and Fume Inhalation

Work applications that produce fine dust and fumes can have a devastating effect on the people inhaling these materials on a regular basis. Sometimes, fine dust particles are nearly impossible to see with the naked eye, yet they have the potential to cause a host of chronic health conditions that can shorten the victim’s life. Fine dust can settle in lung tissue and cause scarring and inflammation, impairing normal lung function. Some types of fine dust can travel to the bloodstream, where they can affect the kidneys, liver or brain. Inhaling workplace fumes is no better, and often produces acute effects that require immediate medical intervention. If fumes created by workplace applications like welding, soldering or painting are inhaled, the effects can range from headache and dizziness all the way to major health complications.

Workplace Applications for Downdraft Tables

Downdraft tables make sense for a wide range of work applications, including:

  • Welding – Ideal capture-at-source equipment for heavy duty welding applications like stick welding, MIG and TIG welding.
  • Deburring – Using quality capture-at-source equipment is the only effective way to eliminate fine dusts from the environment when abrasives are used to deburr, polish or finish fabricated materials.
  • Grinding – When grinding metals or plastics, a well-ventilated downdraft table will remove dust particles at the source and greatly improve air quality.
  • Sanding – Sanding applications are common with wood, metal or plastic, and containing the dust that’s produced is crucial to a safe workplace.
  • Cutting – Plasma cutting applications can produce toxic fumes, gasses and particles, but a high quality downdraft table provides a safe and efficient solution.
  • Mixing – When combining granules or powders in an industrial workspace, maintaining air quality is challenging, but a well-placed downdraft table makes all the difference.


It is our goal to ensure that customers are 100% satisfied with their purchases, that’s why our products are designed to deliver high-quality standards and long-lasting performance.

As the original purchaser, we guarantee that your FumeXtractors extraction system will remain free from defects in material within two years of its original purchase. If such defects appear under normal usage, we will repair or replace your product at no cost to you.

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