Affordable and fast icon.

1. Affordable & Fast

Portable fume extraction systems are a cost-friendly and fast solution for controlling metalworking fumes. Portables don't require any installation, and it's easy to purchase more as needed.

Filter life icon.

2. Longer Filter Life

FumeXtractors portable units feature pulse cleaning filtration and come equipped with nanofiber filter media to extend filter life and reduce maintenance time.

Machine operators can now work longer without any interruptions.

2X the suction icon.

3. Double the Suction Distance

Our portable fume extraction systems feature powerful blowers and an advanced diffuser configuration to allow for further placement of the hood.

Free up your workstations and reap the benefits of clean air.

Pulse clean icon.

4. Pulse Cleaning

FumeXtractors portable systems utilize a pulsing system that forces dust and other contaminants to fall into a collection bin. The pulse cleaning method ensures that filters can be used to their maximum capacity.

360-degree movement icon.

5. 360° Movement

A series of articulating joints allow the portables suction hood to spin and reposition wherever needed.

Rugged construction icon.

6. Rugged Construction

Our portable fume extractors are constructed of metal and aluminum components to prevent melting and/or cracking over time.

Stays put icon.

7. Stays Put

Portable fume extraction systems feature external joints and friction plates that allow users to maintain and tighten the fume arm to prevent drooping.

It's important to remember that the risk of weld fume and smoke is not limited. Long-term exposure to weld fume presents serious health and safety risks. Protect your work environment with a solution from FumeXtractors! Get in touch with our team of specialists to learn more about our portable fume extractors, or to get started on your free quote.

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