1. Not All Fume Arms Are the Same

Fume extraction arms are made available in a variety of styles to accommodate most machining applications. You can choose from different arm lengths and hood diameters, mounting options, lighting kits, and more.

FumeXtractors extraction arms offer ultra-smooth articulation and a flanged suction hood for maximum dust and fume removal. Get in touch with our experts to customize your solution.

2. Self-Supporting & Flexible

Fume arms are built to be self-supportive and flexible so that they stay in place but are also flexible enough to move around a project without restricting the machine operator's view.

FumeXtractors extraction arms come equipped with exhaust hoods that rotate 360° to provide maximum accessibility.

3. Proper Usage

A fume extraction arm must be properly used to prevent any risks of fume and/or smoke exposure. Fume arms must be positioned at the center distance to ensure effectiveness - meaning the machine operator will move the arm as they move around the project.

4. Hanging Fume Arms

Hanging Fume Extraction Arms are our most popular style! They're ideal for a wide range of applications and feature a large diameter hood, solid steel construction, and durable external joints.

We also offer standing extraction arms that mount to table-tops and workbenches, and telescopic fume arms for small spaces.

5. Capture Range

The reason that flanged hoods are often used in combination with fume arms - and why we use them in our systems, is because the flanged shape reduces the amount of false air that gets sucked into the sides of the extraction arm.

FumeXtractors extraction arms provide 2x the suction distance when compared to competitors.

It's important to remember that the risk of weld fume and smoke is not limited. Long-term exposure to weld fume presents serious health and safety risks.

Protect your work environment with a solution from FumeXtractors!