Portable Fume Extractors

Fred Sr.

The Fred Sr. is designed for eliminating heavy-duty smoke, dust, fumes and other airborne particulate. The Injection Self-Cleaning System (ICS-360) that reduces total cost of ownership by extending filter life expectancy, improving aggregate filter efficiency, and making routine service faster & easier.


  • 360° rotating arm base
  • ICS-360 Injection Self-Cleaning System
  • 21″ Easy-to-Service Nanofiber cartridge filter 99.97% @ 0.5 micron

Fred Jr.

The FRED JR portable welding fume extractor provides a flexible platform to clean fumes and dust from your plant air. The mobile filtration unit incorporates an industrial powder-coated steel construction which will protect the machine for years of dependable service.


  • 10' x 6". diameter EXTRACTOR capture arm
  • Industrial swivel casters
  • 26" Nanofiber cartridge filter - 99.97% @ 0.5 micron

Fred Eco II Mini Vac

The industry's most powerful, reliable, and convenient to use portable fume extractor - now with high/low modes for maximum performance. The dualmotor design allows the welder to switch on just one motor for typical light duty work, and switch on the second motor for more demanding applications.


  • Dual-motor allows for high/low modes
  • Designed for light-to-medium duty welding
  • Locking magnetic nozzle base for easy and secure nozzle placement