Extractor Arms


With an ultra-smooth articulation and light-weight anodized aluminum construction, the Extractor capture arm is effortless to reposition. This capture arm features a pantograph structure allowing the arm to be self-supporting, even when fully extended, and the external hinge mechanism offers easy adjustment and maintenance. A 360 degree rotating steel base provides mobility and durability, and a square hood, with built-in handle, offers a high face velocity.


  • Lightweight, aluminum construction
  • External articulation for easy maintenance
  • Rugged, rotating, flanged hood


Designed to extract welding fumes and dust from confined spaces - this arm is internally articulated with an extendable support structure, rotating swivel base, and flanged suction hood for maximum fume pick up. Typical confined space applications involve welding school booths, small workstations and other processes where a small retractable extraction arm provides the necessary flexibility. External articulation for easy maintenance.


  • Articulates from 39 in. to 63 in.
  • Lightweight, aluminum construction
  • Rugged, aluminum, flanged hood

Fume Tracker

The Fume Trackerâ„¢ Capture Arm better protects operators by automatically detecting a welding arc and instantly repositioning the capture arm to the fume source. The tracking arm excels in spot weld and continuous welding applications where the hood can reposition itself without interference from the welding jig or work piece. The Fume Trackerâ„¢ can only follow the welding arc if the light source remains within the 40" tracking window under the hood.


  • Auto-detects and tracks the welding arc light
  • Reduces time spent repositioning the arm
  • Maintains proper distance to the fume source