To ensure the safety of machine operators, it's critical to implement fume extraction systems in environments where welding equipment is being operated. Employers and machine operators must remain current and abide by manufacturer safety and operation manuals.

What Impacts Exposure to Welding Fume?

• The type of welding being implemented
• Where the welding takes place, indoors/outdoors
• Ventilation and extraction processes
• The welder's working methods
• What metals are used
• Air pattern and movement
• Welding rod composition

When selecting a welding fume extraction system, it's important to evaluate and identify the work practices, hazards, and consumables of welding applications in your facility to establish a required level of fume control to keep exposures below an acceptable limit.

To guarantee effectiveness, welding extraction systems must be appropriately used and positioned based on the machining process and application.

Welding Fume Extractors

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