Wet Dust Collectors

WX Series Collectors

The WX-Series Wet Dust Collector allows for the safe capture and collection of combustible dust.

WT Series Tables

Ducted downdraft tables are a flexible and customizable workstation that can be connected to any central dust or fume collection system.

About Wet Dust Collectors

One of the serious by-products of many industrial work applications is known as combustible dust. If dust is combustible, it greatly increases the risk for explosion or fire, and with it the risk for severe injury or death. In addition to the human toll, combustible dust fires or explosions can also be devastating to a business, they can destroy property and cause irreparable environmental damage.

Keeping combustible airborne particles under control during a work process is the key to keeping everyone safe. wet dust collectors will filter the dust at the source, so it never has a chance to cause damage. Wet dust collectors are ideal for workplace applications like grinding and deburring, sanding and finishing and widebelt sanding. Aluminum, titanium and magnesium are common materials that are responsible for creating combustible dust in the workplace.