Who is Responsible for Welding School Injuries?

Teaching students the importance of proper welding fume extraction and how extraction systems work is key to ensuring their safety. The school administration and educators have the following responsibilities:

• Ensure students are trained on the welding hazards, safety rules, regulations, and laws.
• Ensure students follow the safety rules, safe practices, regulations, and laws.

The students have the following responsibilities:

• Learn and use safe practices.
• Obey safety rules and regulations.
• Properly use the equipment.
• Be informed and trained to detect when hazards are present and how to protect themselves.

Welding fume removal is critical in protecting the safety of machine operators and welding school safety.

New students and experienced welding educators will encounter hazards at some point while involved in welding education. Welding instructors and students must be proactive in following proper procedures to ensure the highest standard of safety in the welding area.

The health and safety risks presented by weld fumes are not limited. Potential welding school hazards can include:

• Electric Shock • Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF)
• Fumes and Gases • Noise
• Arc Radiation • Gas Cylinders
• Fire or Explosion • Moving Parts
• Hot Parts • Flying Sparks, Spatter, Metal or Dirt
• Falling Equipment • Surface Coatings and Contaminants

Welding schools are required to meet federal, state, and local standards to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring in the classroom.

OSHA's General Duty Clause states that employers must provide a safe workplace. Failure to abide by OSHA's welding school regulations can result in health, safety, and equipment liabilities.


Empowering Students With The Best Tools

Mission High School in Mission, Texas was renovating their building when they approached FumeXtractors to furnish welding booths and fume extraction systems for their workshop.


Mission High School specifically chose a layout where a welding instructor could easily walk through and monitor student's work.

Welding Booths installed
Welding booths with fume arms


FumeXtractors provided a one-stop-shop for booths and fume extraction equipment. Fume extraction arms are an excellent choice for capturing welding fumes and smoke directly at the source.


Each fume extraction unit is self-contained and built to last, allowing you to change configuration as needed, without worry of ductwork or durability.

Welding Booth Filter.

We're Here For You - From First Consult, To Final Installation

FumeXtractors was proud to work directly with multiple parties (including a distributor, and general contractor) to provide Mission High School with a turn-key price and custom design to fit their needs. An on-site project manager ensured a smooth and on-time installation that met and exceeded Mission High School's expectations.