Laser & Plasma Cutting Filtration Systems

Laser cutting and plasma cutting are both used in industrial working environments where metal materials must be cut or welded. The welding process generates fumes, gases, and smoke that can contain a variety of oxides. The size of the particles in these contaminants will impact the overall toxicity level. Fumes with smaller particles create a larger hazard while the gases that develop in these processes which cannot be visually seen also create serious health risks when filtration systems are not sufficient.

Based on how long workers are exposed to the fumes, dust, and gas being produced by laser or plasma cutting, along with how much space is in the working area, what materials are being cut, and the quality of protection being implemented all have an impact on the overall health hazard risk. It is crucial that workers are educated about the hazards of laser and plasma fumes, smoke, and gas so that they understand the importance of following safety precautions to protect themselves. FumeXtractors is committed to supplying industrial businesses with high-quality air filtration solutions; that's why we carry a line of dust collectors and welding booths to filter smoke and fumes from plasma and laser cutting.

Wet Dust Collectors

WX 1200 Wet Dust Collector
Eliminates combustible dust fires and flammable spark
  • Ultrasonic Water-level Sensor
  • 1200 CFM of airflow
  • Anti-corrosion Stainless Steel

  • WX 3000 Combust. Dust Collector
    Excels at capturing hazardous dust from plant air
  • LCD Display Control Panel
  • 3000 CFM of airflow
  • Anti-corrosion Stainless Steel

  • WX 5000 Combust. Dust Collector
    Extracts metal & combustible contaminants
  • Auto-fill Water Control System
  • 5000 CFM of airflow
  • Anti-corrosion Stainless Steel

  • WX 6500 Combust. Dust Collector
    Provides safe collection of combustible metal dust
  • Auto-fill Water Control System
  • 6500 CFM of airflow
  • Anti-corrosion Stainless Steel
  • Laser Cutting and Health Risks

    Laser cutting is used within a multitude of industries and applications to cut materials like acrylic, spring steel, wood, foam, and Teflon, among others. The laser cutting process works through a digital computer program that allows workers to precisely measure and receive exact dimensions in their projects. The laser beam is directed at the material that needs to be cut and then vaporizes or melts it to create a finished surface. Laser cutting machines vary in power and can range from not as hazardous to extremely dangerous. During the cutting process, when the beam interacts with metals, high temperatures cause the encircling air to expand and rapidly release harmful emissions such as smoke, aerosols or chemical vapors. Worksites and facilities that utilize laser cutting must implement proper filtration systems to ensure workers are protected at all times.

    Plasma Cutting and Health Risks

    Plasma cutting was developed to cut metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, and copper that require high temperatures in order to be split. The plasma cutting process works by using electrically conductive gas to transfer energy from a power source through a nozzle that contains tungsten electrode which heats and melts work material, and then molten metal is blown away. During the plasma cutting process, unbreathable dust, smoke, and gases are produced which may include nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, and mixtures with oxygen. When metals that are coated with materials like hexavalent chromium (to avoid corrosion) are being torched, welded or cut they release toxins which can result in irritation of the eyes, skin and respiratory systems, and increase the possibility of lung cancer. These contaminants must be captured at the source to protect workers from serious health risks

    Welding Booths

    WB Series Welding Booths
    Designed for easy installation & operation
  • High Capture Face Velocity
  • Auto Reverse-Pulse Self-Cleaning System
  • Washable reusable pre-filter

  • EnviroBooth - Dust/Welding Booths
    Turnkey solution to handle dust & fume filtration for larger work pieces
  • Booths are self-supporting
  • Spark arrestance baffling
  • Dust Drawer and Filter Access Door

  • EnviroBooth Modules
    EBMs serve as the EnviroBooth’s filtration units
  • Modules are freestanding
  • Front access dust-drawer
  • Auto Reverse-Pulse Self-Cleaning System

  • Fred Sr. Series Dust Collectors
    Designed to eliminate smoke, dust and other unbreathables
  • Rotary Starter with 15' Power Cord
  • 26" Easy-to-Service Cartridge Filter
  • ICS-360 Injection Self-Cleaning System

  • Fred CV Compact Cartridge Dust Collectors
    Vertical filtration system designed to filter dust, smoke & other contaminants
  • Heavy Duty, 11 & 14 Gauge Construction
  • Vertical filter orientation
  • Venturi Pulse Cleaning System

  • Fred C Series Central Dust Collectors
    Downflow vertical design to effectively filter & separate dust from polluted air
  • Heavy Duty, 11 Gauge Construction
  • Venturi Pulse Cleaning System
  • Downflow/Vertical Design

  • Robotic Weld Cell Collectors
    Self-cleaning weld fume extraction & filtration unit for light to heavy-duty applications
  • Capture-at-source for Cleaner Air
  • Complies with OSHA guidelines for controlling weld fumes
  • Saves valuable floor space

  • D-Mister Oil Mist & VOC Collectors
    Better protects workers by capturing & filtering unbreathable particles
  • 3-Stage filtration, including mist eliminator
  • Direct drive, backward inclined blower
  • 1.5" NPT Drain for collecting excess oil lubricant