Fume Extractors


A portable fume extractor is a machine that removes harmful smoke and fumes from the air after soldering or welding, by using suction. Their portability enables use in confined spaces, allowing you to remove fumes at the source.

Wall Mounted

Welding fumes are typically captured using an extraction arm to capture smoke directly above the welding arc. Different arm options include articulated capture arms which allow operators to fully extend an arm horizontally while maintaining its position.


FumeXtractor's line of fume exhaust arms you can create a source capture solution for fumes & amp;dust that protects your workers. By capturing airborne contaminants as they are produced, these extraction arms & blowers help you stay OSHA compliant.

Welding Fume Extractors

FumeXtractors' line of fume removal systems and extraction arms are manufactured by and made available to meet the needs of any welding application. Our systems are diverse, reliable and designed for use in a multitude of work spaces including soldering and welding environments where a machine is required to remove harmful smoke and fumes or for facilities in need of a system that captures smoke directly above welding arcs or demand extraction arms to capture fumes and dust ensuring employee health is secured. Any time metals are being welded together, toxic fumes, gases, and sparks will develop. Regardless of what type of welding equipment is being operated or what type of metal is being welded, it's critical that proper air filtration is implemented in welding and robotic welding work places.

Welding may take place at industrial work sites as part of the manufacturing process or in workshops and facilities that aren't used for business. Because health risks from welding are so severe, it's crucial that weld fume extraction is being managed regardless of the size or scope of your working environment. To learn more about any of our systems and how they can benefit your business, feel free to contact the experts at FumeXtractors today by calling (866) 651-9762.

Health Effects of Inhaling Welding Fumes & Gases

The effectiveness of the system being implemented to protect employee health, along with the type of welding that takes place, and the amount of time individuals are exposed to welding fumes and gases all contribute to how severe exposure risks can be. Welding gases may not have an odor and are not seen by the naked eye making them especially dangerous. The heat produced from a welding flame may develop gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen. Vapors may also be produced by the solvents or coatings on the metal being welded.

Health risks of welding fumes and gases may include, but are not limited to:

  • Irritated eyes, nose & throat
  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Chest pain
  • Mild respiratory irritation
  • Respiratory damage
  • Lead poisoning
  • Nervous system damage
  • Excess fluid in the lungs

  • Welding applications such as SMAW or arc welding, MIG welding, TIG welding, stick welding, and GMAW welding all require that fumes and gas are removed to ensure a safe workplace. We offer a complete line of weld fume extraction systems and products that have proven to capture at the source and extract gases and fumes before entering the operator's respiratory area. Some of the best products we offer for welding and soldering fumes and gas are:

    Portable Fume Extractors
    • Fred Sr
      • Elimnates heavy smoke, dust, fumes & particulate
      • Self-cleaning system lowers maintenance costs
      • Improves filter efficiency & makes operation simpler
    • Fred Jr
      • Flexible platform to clean fumes & dust from plant air
      • Steel construction for optimal protection
      • Industrial swivel casters for easy manuevering
    • Fred Eco II Mini Vac
      • Features a dualmotor design
      • High/low modes accomodate any application
      • Powerful, dependable and convient
    Wall Mounted Fume Extractors
    • Fred Sr
      • Faster routine, lower service costs
      • Included self cleaning system extends filter life span
      • Eradicates heavy duty smoke, dust, fumes & airborne particulate
    • Fred Eco II
      • Cost-effective and easy to install for everyday applications
      • Externally located fume arm makes repositioning simple
      • Motor starter can be easily mounted close to the operator's work space
    Fume Extractor Arms
    • XA Series Fume Arm
      • Pantograph structure allows a self-supporting arm
      • Features a 260 degree rotating base for mobility
      • External hinge mechanism for easy adjustment
    • RA Series Fume Arm
      • Removes fumes and dust from confined spaces
      • Aluminum material makes it lightweight & dependable
      • Articulates from 39 in. to 63 in.
    • Fume Tracker Arm
      • Auto-detects a welding arc & instantly repositions
      • Excels in spot weld & continuous welding applications
      • All gears come outfitted with slip clutches

    Our collection of weld fume and gas extraction products meet required regulatory guidelines and our team of specialists are more than happy to help determine which filtration is best for your application. For more information or to get started on building a system for your business, get in touch with FumeXtractors by calling (866) 651-9762 today.