Fume Extractors

  • Portable Fume Extractor
    Portable Fume Extractors

    A portable fume extractor is a machine that removes harmful smoke and fumes from the air after soldering or welding, by using suction. Their portability enables use in confined spaces, allowing you to remove fumes at the source.

  • Wall Mounted Fume Extractor
    Wall Mounted Fume Extractors

    Welding fumes are typically captured using an extraction arm to capture smoke directly above the welding arc. Different arm options include articulated capture arms which allow operators to fully extend an arm horizontally while maintaining its position.

  • Fume Arms
    Fume Extractor Arms

    FumeXtractor's line of fume exhaust arms you can create a source capture solution for fumes & amp;dust that protects your workers. By capturing airborne contaminants as they are produced, these extraction arms & blowers help you stay OSHA compliant.