Environmental Dust Booths

Environmental Dust Booths

EnviroBooth offers a simple solution to handle dust & fume filtration for larger pieces

Environmental Booth Modules

The EnviroBooth modules (EBMs) serve as the booth’s filtration units

About Environmental Dust Booths

When welding, grinding and sanding on large dimension parts and assemblies, the only effective method of eliminating airborne dust at the source is to use a dust control booth. Booths can be custom sized based upon application with bolt-together galvanized panels and a self-cleaning backdraft dust collector modules. For flammable dust applications, wet dust collection booths provide a safe method of removing and sequestering volatile particles.

FumeXtractor's booths incorporate a high capture velocity to ensure that smoke, fumes and overspray are effectively capture and conveyed into the filters. The dust control modules come with high efficiency nanofiber filter cartridges to remove submicron contaminants and return clean air into your facility.