FX-FCD - Aerosol Extraction Unit
FX-FCD - Aerosol Extraction Unit Thumbnail
FX-FCD - Aerosol Extraction Unit Thumbnail
FX-FCD - Aerosol Extraction Unit Thumbnail
FX-FCD - Aerosol Extraction Unit Thumbnail

Operatory Aerosol Extractor


  • 5-Stage Filtration
  • 8" Dome Hood
  • 3" x 5' Arm Reach
  • Portable & Compact Desgin
  • Features HEPA + UV Filtration
  • 3-Year Warranty


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Description & Features

The FX-FCD Extraoral Aerosol Extractor combines the best technology in the industry with feedback from dentists. The 4 layer HEPA filtration system and a high powered UVC germicidal light to kill all viruses, bacteria and pathogens created during aerosol generating dental procedures.

A quiet (62db) yet powerful 350W brushless motor with a powers the FX-FCD and is able to generate 205 CFM at the hood and 270 CFM at the inlet as it pulls air through the 4 stage HEPA 13 Filtration system and UVC light to release air that is free from any viruses or bacteria.

This chair-side extraoral aerosol evacuation system gives you, your staff, and your patients the protection you need from aerosols in the operatory.

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Filter Cleaning Machine Features

Technical Data


Airflow: 270 CFM (at the inlet)
  205 CFM (after the hood)
Max. Suction Power 3500pa
Input Power: 110V / 3 AMPs / 350 Watts
Motor Life Expectancy: 40,000 Hours
Dimensions: 15.75" L x 11.8" W x 20" H
Net Weight: 65 lbs. (with filters)
Noise Level: 62 dB
Operation: 10-Speed Control Panel w/ Remote
Casters: Included
Filter Stages: 1. Washable Pre-Filter
2. Deep-Pleated Moisture Barrier Filter
3. H13 HEPA Filter
4. 7lb Carbon Filter
5. UV Light

Filter Stages

FX-FCD - Washable Pre Filter
FX-FCD - Washable Pre Filter

Stage 1: Washable Foam Pre-Filter

Should arrive installed into the top slot of the filter cabinet. Should be washed or replaced every 60 days.

Stage 2: Deep-Pleated Moisture Barrier Filter

This filter protects the H13 HEPA Filter from moisture and other medium sized particulate. Should be replaced every 12 months.

Stage 3: H13 99.95% Efficient HEPA Filter

This filter captures 99.95% of particulate smaller than 0.3 microns. Efficiency increases with use. Should be replaced every 12 months.

Stage 4: 7lb. Carbon Filter

7 lbs. of activated carbon. This filter neutralizes odors and should be replaced every 12 months.

Stage 5: UVC Germicidal Light

The 253.7nm UV light (does not produce ozone) is germicidal and sterilizes the air before it is released into the room. Should be replaced every 12 months.

Aerosol Extraction Demo

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of UV Light is it?

The FX-FCD features a UV-C Light. UVC has been shown to be effective at killing or inactivating microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA. Ours is a 8 Watt Ultraviolet lamp at 253.7nm

Does the HEPA filter capture the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19?

HEPA air filter must remove at least 99.95% (European Standard) or 99.97% (ASME) of particles 0.3 μm in diameter; with the filtration efficiency increasing for particle diameters both less than and greater than 0.3 μm. The novel Coronavirus is approximately 0.125 μm in size, meaning that a HEPA will capture it at near 100% efficiency.

A common misconception is that HEPA Filters function like a net and only capture particles of certain sizes, which is incorrect. HEPA filters are designed to target particles much smaller than 0.1microns as these particles adhere to the fibers by diffusion at almost a 100% rate.

Can the FX-FCD be used as an Air Purifier?

The FX-FCD is not meant to be primarily an ambient air purifier. It can be used as one inbetween patients. Set the timer to 10 minutes and it will change the air twice in a standard sized operatory (10' x 12').

What is the CFM?

270 CFM @ the inlet, 205 CFM @ the hood.

What is the suction Power?

3500 pa

What is the Wattage?

The FX-FCD is rated at 350W, which is the input power of the motor. The wattage refers to the power of the motor and not the performance of the machine. Higher power consumption does not indicate higher filter efficiency.

How long is the arm reach?

The arm has a 5 ft reach, is washable, can be positioned easily, and stays in place. Multi-flex or rigid arm options available.

Are there different Lengths?



3 Year Warranty!

FumeXtractors' warranty is for the distributors and ultimate purchaser (end user) of products furnished by FumeXtractors.

FumeXtractors warrants its products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship in accordance with the following provisions and subject to such limitations.

FumeXtractors warrants the FX-FCD-CFHE for three years from ship date. The warranty covers defects in material and workmanship only. Labor and freight are not covered under the warranty policy.

Any claims made pursuant to this warranty by the customer or distributor shall be conditioned upon FumeXtractors' inspection of the product upon which the claim is made.

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FumeXtractors offers one of the following remedies:

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    This warranty is void on all FumeXtractors products if any product has been misused, mistreated, or used other than for it's specified application.

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