Explosive Dust Collectors

Explosive or combustible dust is hazardous to a complete range of industries. From chemical to agriculture, pesticide to pharmaceutical, dust explosions are disastrous and can result in employee injuries and deaths, as well as, the destruction of entire industrial facilities. It is critical that employers recognize and take action to ensure that their employees are working in the safest possible environments.

When dust particles are released in large quantities within an enclosed building in the presence of oxygen, heat, and fuel, rapid combustion or deflagration can take place. By implementing dust collection systems employers can minimize the escape of dust from production equipment protecting workers from dangerous dust explosions and various health hazards. FumeXtractors offers a selection of welding and environmental dust booths that are designed to provide easy installation and operation in applications that need dust and fume filtration for larger workpieces or in welding schools, technical colleges, and environments with limited footprint production.

Industries at Risk of Explosive Dust
  • Recycling Facilities
  • 3D Welding
  • Textiles
  • Tobacco
  • Food
  • Furniture
  • Dyes
  • Metal Processing
  • Rubber Manufacturing
  • Fossil Fuel Power Generation

Dust & Welding Booths

WB Series Welding Booths
Best for limited footprint production environments
  • High Capture Face Velocity
  • Washable reusable pre-filter
  • Auto Reverse-Pulse Self-Cleaning System

EnviroBooth for Dust & Welding Fumes
Handles dust & fume filtration for larger work pieces
  • Self-supporting Booth
  • Dust Drawer & Filter Access Door
  • Spark arrestance baffling

EnviroBooth Filtration Units
Modules for EnviroBooth (EBMs)
  • Modules are freestanding
  • Auto Reverse-Pulse Self-Cleaning System
  • Front access dust-drawer for easy maintenance