Dust & Oil Mist Collectors

Fred Sr. Series Dust Collectors

This single cartridge dust collector is designed for eliminating heavy-duty smoke, dust, fumes and other airborne particulate.

Compact Cartridge Dust Collectors

CV Dust Collector is a compact, vertical self-contained filtration system designed to filter dust, smoke and other contaminants.

Fred C-Series Central Dust Collectors

FRED-C Series incorporates a downflow vertical design to effectively filter and separate dust from a polluted airstream while preventing dust on the cartridges.

Robotic Weld Cell Fume Collector

Robotic Weld Cell Collector offers an affordable, self-cleaning welding fume extraction & filtration unit for light to heavy-duty applications.

D Mister Oil Mist & VOC Collector

The D-Mister Oil Mist & VOC Collector protects operators and machinery by capturing and filtering particles created from different machining operations.