FumeXtractors Ducted Grinding Table

Ducted Grinding Tables


  • Downdraft Airflow
  • Dust Cleanout Drawer
  • Steel Grating
  • Connects to existing dust collection system
  • Powder Coated Steel Shell
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Ducted Grinding Tables provide a compact and efficient solution for capturing grinding dust. FumeXtractors Ducted Tables are specifically designed to extract particulate from metal grinding and can be used with an existing dust collection system or ducted to exhaust outside of the facility. This unit can also be used with a Bench Grinding Station to collect grinding dust directly at the source.

Grinding and deburring processes create airborne particulate that is dangerous to inhale. The dust that is produced by grinding applications can result in a multitude of health effects, and individuals working in these environments need proper filtration and ventilation.


A diagram showing each feature of the ducted grinding table.

Technical Data

Ducted grinding table shown with the dust clean-out drawer open.
Duct Connection: 6"
Work Surface: 44" x 20"
Pre-Filter: Metal Mesh
Dimensions: 48" x 24" x 52 "
Weight: 269 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: 50" x 30" x 31"
Shipping Weight: 298 lbs.


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