Downdraft Tables

Dry Filter Downdraft Tables

We offer a wide range of downdraft tables to solve even the most challenging industrial air quality issues. From built-in ventilation and hands-free capture at the source, to a variety of sizes to work with almost any work application, our tables provide practical solutions and comply with all regulatory guidelines.

Wet Filter Downdraft Tables

The key to keeping combustible dust at bay is to capture it at the source, before it has an opportunity to cause damage. Wet downdraft tables capture and contain combustible dust, using water as the medium to bond to particles and render them harmless. Wet downdraft tables are valuable if you perform high risk applications.

Dry & Wet Filter Downdraft Tables

Industrial grinding and deburring applications require immediate filtration to ensure dust and particulates are removed before reaching the breathing area of surrounding workers. Whether you are working with a die grinder, an angle grinder or an automated grinding machine, particles and dust will contaminate your work environment if they are not captured and filtered directly at the source. Based on the type of grinding or deburring application, airborne metals, rubber and fiberglass dust, and composites can suspend into clean air creating extreme health hazards if inhaled.

Grinding dust can spread through a facility very quickly and is best managed by being eliminated at the workstation so that it doesn't have the opportunity to reach workers, equipment, and machinery. If you are working with a grinding application that produces explosive or combustible dust without properly capturing contaminants at the source the risk for damage is even higher. FumeXtractors offers a wide range of equipment including dry and wet downdraft tables to capture dust as its being produced. Our dust filtration products meet required regulatory guidelines and our team of experts is always prepared to provide information to assist you in determining which system best meets the demands of your application.

Is your workplace at risk? Grinding and deburring dust can cause a range of health effects when not properly filtered including pneumoconiosis or “dusty lung”, eye, ear, nose, throat and skin irritation, nervous system damage, and chronic lung problems. Certain dust particles can potentially dissolve into a person's bloodstream and travel throughout their body damaging different organs such as the liver, kidneys, and brain. The safest way to ensure protection for staff is by implementing a system that captures and filters grinding and deburring dust at the source. The degree of severity can be determined by the type of material being worked with, effectiveness of protection, and the length of exposure.
Most sanding and grinding applications should implement capture-at-source ventilation, and only when unrealistic should ambient air cleaning solutions be considered.

How to Stay Protected from Grinding & Deburring Dust

  • Adequate filtration
  • Ensuring operators are trained on safe use & capture zones
  • Filters are clean and serviced regularly
  • Implementing proper filter type for application materials
  • Face velocity is sufficient to draw away dust created by the application
  • Analyze the sufficiency of the dust collection equipment and filtration type used in your facility and ask yourself:

  • Do you work in a small space with little or no ventilation?
  • What type of materials are being sanded, grinded or deburred?
  • Are work pieces clean or painted?
  • Is the dust collection equipment working correctly?
  • Are there air streams that can be taken advantage of?
  • Should workers being wearing respirators?
  • Are there potentially explosive combustible dusts in the workplace?

  • Dry Filter Downdraft Tables

    • Portable Downdraft Tables
      • Mini DD
        • Collects dust, smoke & fumes directly through a perforated table top
        • 5 stage spark arrestance system prevents sparks from reaching the primary filter
        • Features a large capacity paper-pleated filter with an arrestance rating of 92% @ 2 microns
      • DD 2x4
        • Hands free capture at source above the perforated table top
        • large capacity Nanofiber filter with an arrestance rating of 99.8% @ 0.5 micron
        • Features a manually activated reverse pulse self cleaning system, for hassle-free filter maintenance
    • Industrial Downdraft Tables
      • DD 3x4
        • Flexible 48″ x 42″ worksurface
        • Single operator ventilated workstation collects dust, smoke & fumes above the table surface
        • Nanofibers filters with an efficiency of 99.8% @ 0.5 micron
      • DD 3x6
        • Flexible 72″ x 42″ worksurface
        • Large capacity paper-pleated filters with an arrestance rating of 99.8% @ 0.5 micron
        • Auto activated reverse pulse self cleaning system, makes it easy to collect dust, smoke & fumes from above the perforated table top
      • DD 3x8
        • Flexible 96″ x 42″ worksurface
        • 4 nanofiber filters capable of handling 99.8% of contaminants @ 0.5
        • 5 stage spark arrestance baffle system prevents sparks & slag from reaching the main filter cartridges
      • DD 4x4
        • Flexible 48″ x 48″ worksurface
        • 2 nanofiber cartridges with an efficiency rating of 99.8% @ 0.5 micron
        • Accommodates workers both on the front side & back side of the table
      • DD 4x6
        • Flexible 48″ x 72″ worksurface
        • Standard 3 phase 7.5HP motor
        • Hands free capture-at-source, allows operators to remove dust & fumes over the ventilated work surface
      • DD 4x8
        • Flexible 48″ x 96″ worksurface
        • Built-in TEFC blower and filters reduce the table’s footprint
        • Can be equipped with standard nanofiber filter cartridges, paint arrestance filters, carbon VOC fume filters or HEPA after-filters
      • DD 5x10
        • Flexible 60″ x 120″ worksurface
        • Designed for large work pieces or to act as a solution for multiple operator workstations
        • 15HP motor develops 8600 CFM producing enough suction to handle the toughest applications

    Wet Filter Downdraft Tables

    • Mini Monsoon
      • Flexible 38" x 36" worksurface
      • High Capture Face Velocity (250fpm)
      • Collects combustible metal dusts & other explosive dust particles
    • Monsoon 3x4
      • Flexible 48" x 36" worksurface
      • High Capture Face Velocity (250fpm)
      • Optional auto-wash down system sprays the top surface of the table to dislodge dust and move it into the water tank
    • Monsoon 3x6
      • Flexible 72" x 36" worksurface
      • Auto fills to keep the correct water level in the basin
      • Captures combustible dust: mixtures of steel, aluminum, titanium, and magnesium
    • Monsoon 3x8
      • Flexible 96" x 36" worksurface
      • 12” integrated extended overhang allows operators to sit ergonomically
      • Mist eliminator after-filter prevents the unit from exhausting humidity & water into the surrounding area